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I feel you. I refused to join the GOP in 07/08 for the same reason. I even shelled out $500 to meet Ron Paul to BEG him, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE GO INDY.. PLEASE GO LP I can get you tens of thousands of votes, if not more, if you go INDY.

Kent Snyder, his manager at the time, came over and asked me to back off.. told me this was Ron's campaign and Ron was a Republican, so got in or move on. Not too many people liked Snyder because he was very blunt and protective of Ron.

When Ron made his second bid for president 11/12, it actually made me sick, I felt like I was betaying myself in a HUGE way because the only party I have ever belonged was the Libertarian Party, and then I went Indy.. I NEVER wanted to be a member of the coke or pepsi DUPOLOLY. I did get sick, but I did it.. I registered Republican. I felt so dirty too.

And then Ron was saying he needed delegates.. and to be a delegate you have to go to central committee meetings.. I had NO idea what they were.. and so I read up on them and I expected a room of Bush, Cheney and Roves.. instead, there were two people, both former Democrats who were, "keeping the seats warm".

THAT blew my mind. Where was the GOP? Was it all a MSM facade? For the most part, YES. The next meeting they had their buddies to show up to discourage me.. all 6 of them. There was supposed to be 24. It was apparent, the GOP was a shell. And these folks were NOT going to let me in. They had a signing party, wouldn't tell me a thing, I had to work the hard way to get on board.. but it paid off, because I had to petition, and that meant talk to everyone about Ron Paul, and no one could stop me. So I got on. And then I got others appointed. So now we have a Liberty Committee.. the neos on MY committee left.

I'm told that all over CA the committees are now liberty committees, and to be honest, this has been one of the best political experiences of my life. We have power, and I don't abuse it, or use it as much as I could..

If you like the GOP as it is, don't join. If you want to change the GOP to a Liberty GOP, get in, you're not alone by a long shot. I was alone, and I know others who were alone.. but now we are not alone, and it's awesome. I don't regret joining the GOP, I regret not joining the GOP in 07/08 when Ron Paul asked me.