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No one's forcing you to comment on any threads that gives

you pause; all you're doing is help it get traction, by responding, for the sake of having the last say.

Seeing as such, this will be my last reply to you, on this particular 'non-subject' subject matter. This is getting petty.

Is this what DP's become lately? Stretched-'debate'/back & forth on simple, self-explanatory, 'drive-by posts'??

I literally cannot believe you're actually getting bent out of shape over this.

This is an 'off topic' subject matter posted under the category of "Humor." And obviously, I posted the disclaimer, which you didn't read before responding, until my last reply. And 'yet,' I "still posted:" OMG! OMG! Stop the presses! The Interwebs just ran out of its precious tubes! It cannot handle anymore threads!


Whup thee f'ng do.

"Hypocrisy" is the FACT that, for Al Sharpton, a man who makes a living judging and preaching to/lecturing others on morality (essentially), like most charlatans and tragedy pimps, he doesn't have his own house in order: he's STILL married, not just separated. Yet he apparently pretends the same moral standards don't apply to him.


That, was kind of the self-evident obvious point...for the umteenth time. If the definition fits?


"I'll tell you this much; If I separated from my wife, I'd have a girlfriend within a few days."

Well, good for you!

Sounds like you may actually have done just that? Perhaps "She doth protests too much?"

But are you Al Sharpton?

Do you chase tail, while still married (debatable common sense, but regardless), worse: do you then, still make a living lecturing others, publicly, about morality?

Do you work for the real "racist" MSDNC, whom post-Comcast merger, is still co-owned by eugenicist Bill Gates-owned Microsoft, and MSDNC's 51% parent GE, one of the biggest Military Industrial Complex contractors in the world, who makes 'money' off wars, murdered innocents, corporatist 'rebuild/resupply' contracts and other people's misery, yet pretend they have moral high standing to preach to the rest of us 'mere peons' on morality and some twisted collectivist 'social standards' like the propagandists that they are, via their MSM operation, aka. MSDNC?

Did you work to form a pretend-'grassroots' astroturf race-baiting organization in NYC, 'National Action Network,' who then, as if none of your past work actually mattered, only to take a salaried job at that above said military industrial complex contractor's mouthpiece, MSDNC?

Did you then like many who come into new 'bloodmoney' in mid-life, leverage it to find yourself a young honey (there's nothing wrong with that, unless you're still married to your wife of 24yrs, whom UNLIKE many who actually 'can't afford to divorce,' Sharpton clearly CAN, especially now), to look good at high-end cocktail circuits specifically geared to 'enchant' and keep your scribes in line, among media owner circles?

In my 'pastlife' in NYC social circuits, bumped into such, and same/similar functions, plenty. This is nothing 'new,' 'novel,' or 'evil,' but simply pathetic and hypocritical for someone without morals to publicly preach morality, when like most, he himself doesn't even have his own house in order. 'Tis all.

Hypocrisy, by any other name. No?

Or, do you have a different definition?

If you're a man, take care of your shiite clean, end it, then move the fcuk on and date others.

Sure, there's no 'law' or even some Sharia law in the American context. If you don't like that basic courtesy, tough shiite.

Move the f' on: matters not to me, in the finality, to the extent that you're making it out to be, AS IF me simply posting one single thread, out of thousands here at DailyPaul, actually makes some equal parity moral statement/dictate for the world to follow, or something...

But don't pretend it's a perfectly desirable position for an a-hole like Sharpton who makes a living off of other people's misery, racial tensions, and pretending to maintain a moral high ground.

Seriously, "who cares?"

You act as if, IF and/or WHEN someone posts just one thread on subject matter you don't approve of, the world will end.

It's digital, I'm sure there's some limit in monthly server space that will eventually inhibit DP from being able to handle it, but apparently at current rate and capacity, it doesn't.

Like TV, don't like it? Switch the channel, move on.

We cool?

Good. Now I got a young 23yo honey I gotta get back to...out of wedlock. LOL. I kid. I kid. Actually no, none of us are married, or been married. Happy? Happy?


Happy. Happy. Happy, like Phil Robertson:

PS. Now if your real qualm is over the fact that somehow this goes into the realm of State intervention into private lives via marriage license? Well, I'm not the one who 'voluntarily' involved the state via marriage license, consensually with Kathy Sharpton, only to decide later that such state-involvement in private lives don't matter, nor should it ever be involved in such realm (I'd agree!), but in case of Al Sharpton, he just forgot to tell his wife of 24yrs about it.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul