Comment: Some unsolicited advice....

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Some unsolicited advice....

Facts are uninspiring.

I understand all the emphasis on investigative journalism, but in the way of constructive criticism I'm just offering the idea that people aren't, on average, very interested in facts.

As I've said elsewhere, people want personality and sensationalism. If you're not offering some measure of entertainment value for its own sake, success is very unlikely.

You guys need to be aware of this going forward.

I think there was some misreading of Ben Swann's initial popularity by you all. He was a hit in the liberty community not because he was saying anything new, but because liberty people imagined the uninitiated hearing the message. That is/was the key to Ron Paul's popularity too. And, unless some novel elements are introduced, I expect mediocre results, in terms of impact, from Ron Paul's new media project.

If you want to get everyone excited, figure out a way to reach people outside the closed loop of the already-curious Internet audience.

Whatever you may think of them, Alex Jones, Molynuex, Tom Woods, the Free Talk Live guys, numerous podcasters, and Rand for that matter, are managing to feed liberty ideas to broader audiences...mostly on the basis of personality and sensationalism.