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My friend, adn he's a very good friend, took me to the restervation in Tulare County gave me a blesing and shared the petrogliphs with me, showed me how to read them.. told me where many were.. he works in many casinos.. travels a lot, have a home in New Mexico (his Dad was one of the guys who sold stuff to tourists at four corners).

I didn't know about his military intil he met my Dad, who was a lifer, and he told my Dad, so if he lied about it.. he really had my dad impressed, and he did speak Japanese. My dad's best friend was Japanese when he was groing up and my grandfather let my dad's friend listen to the ham radio.. and so the family escaped the round up of japanese, and my Dad's friend moved to Japan and joined the Japanese military. After the war, my Dad went to see his friend.. mater of fact.. my dad had a collection of "protection" tattoos.. he grew up hating his tattoos, ironically, becasue they were done by hand, his picture is in a museum here.

Growing up, my dad taught us how to fish, hunt, repel, climb trees, walk, communicate with animals.. how to track.. he hated religion, and he hated reservations and hated how so many Indians are full of apathy and self medication.. so maybe that's why he liked my friend? Some native Americans are very industrious and I seem to attract them (lucky me).

I'm NOT seeking upvotes Ira. I have never complained about the downvotes. I don't even bring it up. I did make a TOPIC post about a celestial event and thanked who upvoted it.. but no one cares about a once in a millieum celecestial event but me and them.. cool by me. That's what Ill be doing.. do what you want.

Downvote = power of the apathetic.