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the granger

"" what god does is beyond our ability to understand""
that statement,to me is a cop out.Here is why i say it
the 10 commandments were written for all to read and understand
it does not take a lawyer to decipher them
so to say that we aren't smart enough is baseless( to me)
the god in the bible broke some his own commandments,ones that were written down to create a better society(in his eyes)
what good are the 10 commandments if 1) they need to be read and interpreted by another? 2) the original creator of the written word cannot keep from breaking them?
the bible does say "do not murder" and yet we read how people were murdered
and at the hand of the creator.And these people who were murdered were not even exposed to the supposed creator of everything under the sun
but then in the new testament it reads that no one shall perish until they
hear the word of god
if we as a people have free will,then why weren't the murdered people given the choice of accepting the one true god?
something sure seems to me a miss,doesn't it?

If we deny truth before your very eyes,then the rest of what we have to say,is of little consequence