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My concern is that NYC is going to have the same problem. My neighbors are a retired NYPD couple in their mid-40's. On their CoOp application, they claimed to receive over 200g in a yearly pension payments from the NYPD plus 24g in a yearly Christmas bonus from the NYPD. The wife is now a part time teacher. They claimed a total income of 340g a year -- all coming from the City of New York. When we verified what we thought was a falsified application, we found it to be true. How can New York City afford to pay over 350g a year to a retired cop and a part time teacher in their mid 40's? They also claim to get free healthcare for life. If this couple lives into their 80's, that is a 16 million dollar retirement payout. Sounds crazy?? Look at the NYPD site. A 26 year old cop makes a minimum of 90g salary plus overtime with a guaranteed 2.2 million in benefits at 48 years old. How can any City afford this?

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