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no matter what was said about

no matter what was said about Jack Hunter, I think Karma got the best of him. He has repeatedly attacked groups like WeAreChange and others who feel very passionately about exposing organizations like the Bilderberg group, the trilateral commision, and the CFR. Just look on Youtube. He isn't the most pleasant on people to talk to about hot button issues. He seems to be ready to discredit others but wants people to accept his op-ed pieces he gives...hypocritical. I also don't appreciate his very manipulated tactics and approach when discussing his views. I personally don't like his tactics of hiding under the guise as a self-proclaimed "constitutional conservative" so as to convert the Good ol' boys.--this is much like Rand Paul is doing. It is disingenuous and not honest. In his defense I can say he has made some great editorials and speeches on liberty and has brought lots of people towards the message of liberty. I wish the best for him but hope that he will continue to distance himself from the Pauls' in an effort to not ruin Rands or Judge Napolitano's chances in 2016.

- Brennan