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Comment: My heartfelt sympathy to you for your loss.

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My heartfelt sympathy to you for your loss.

I am going through a challenging situation with my 85 year old neighbor Ellen whom I have taken to the ER twice in the last four months. She is not religious and is relying on the medical community for her basic health maintenance. I am thankful for the physicians, but it has been frustrating for me to observe an emphasis on meds vs. a longer term get well program. I love Ellen as a friend, but we think differently about lifestyles when it comes to spiritual prayer and healing, alternative medicine, diet, etc; I have had to let go of my own beliefs to respect her indulgences and preferences. I am forgiving Ellen and replacing frustration with peaceful acceptance in her healing, however she chooses to seek it. I hope you find a sense of forgiveness and peace with respect to your neighbor.