Comment: Well I sit on the Planning commission in my township as a LP.

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Well I sit on the Planning commission in my township as a LP.

Next year I will be the Township Auditor because I am the only one on the ballot. I am running for school board. I have ran twice for State Rep. I am the Chair of the Lehigh Valley PA Libertarian Party. I sit on the committee of the elections committee of the PA Lp. I am also the Chair of the PA Libertarian Party Youth Committee. Last year I collected signatures for Pa District 11 Ron Paul delegates. Yes I switched to Republican so I can vote for RP and his Delegates in the PA Primary. I collected about 100 signatures for them. I collected about 800 signatures for Gary Johnson and other Statewide LP candidates. I was 2nd in command when the Nazi Republican Party tried to challenge the signatures of the PA LP to get us kicked off the in November of 2012. We made state history of the only 3rd party to beat a major party in a ballot access challenge. We also sued the PA GOP. I am currently in a law suite suing my current State Rep for violating my civil liberties and the constitution. In 2016 I plan on running for United States Senate against Pat Toomy as a Libertarian Candidate. In 2012 I ran for Pa Libertarian Party Eastern Vice Chair and in 2013 I ran for Chair of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party.

In Liberty,
Matt Schutter

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