Comment: By the way Granger.

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By the way Granger.

I don't smoke dope but I don't think the government has a right too tell someone what they can and can't put in their own body.
The war on Drugs is a complete loos.

The State Rep campaign was not winable because I don't have the money to throw around like the PA Nazi GOP. The GOP spent $100,000, the Commi Democrats spent $55,000 I spent $1500

Here how the race went R 60% D 30% LP 9%. I don't think I did that bad for having NO Money and No Press Coverage! The Planning Commission election was the first campaign I ran and won.
There was 2 openings and 3 candidates Here how the race went LP 65% D 30% R 5%! (I KICKED THAT NAZI REPUBLICANS AZZ! CAN YOU SAY LANDSLIDE!)

I am going to be Township Auditor next year. I am running for School Director and have a good chance of winning. It not that I do not want to get elected, it just that I will NOT sell my soul or the Pa constitution or US constitution to get elected. And I got too much morals/class too run with the Nazi GOP! Are you an Elected Politician? I DIDN'T THINK SO. As and Elected Politician I get to show people by my actions what TRUE Liberty is all about!