Comment: I have not seen the show.

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I have not seen the show.

But I know what you're saying about the libertarian-type messages coming through on tv nowadays. I'm 36 but I grew up on stuff from the 70's and became a fan of earlier stuff and later stuff. It used to be that shows like Archie Bunker and M.A.S.H. were breaking ground and breaking through by subtly (or not so subtly) 'allowing' positive stuff to go out on the airwaves if it could be snuck through the praetorian guard. Nowadays the positive stuff is breaking through, breaking bad if you will.

Scrubs - anti-abortion, pro-family, pro-breastfeeding!

Burn Notice - Anti-torture, anti-murder

These and a few others in a sea of slimy slurmy sludge to be sure, and I wouldn't advocate buying a tv if you don't already own one, but there is a rebellion in Hollywood against filth and back towards goodness.

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