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Comment: Look, I totally disagree...

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Look, I totally disagree...

First off let me say that if somebody was following me, and they thought I was suspicious, I would have turned around and ask, "Why are you following me?" and started a dialogue. If the follower was clearly advancing after I said that and was about to do harm, I would possibly run like hell and knock on a random door for help if I WASN'T armed!

You know, that can go a very long way to clear up any confusion about the possibility of Martin being a possible criminal, by actually asking the guy, "WHY ARE YOU FOLLOWING ME?!!"

But, a person with a thug mentality DOES NOT THINK THAT WAY!. Martin had other plans for the suspected "neighborhood watch" guy.

Secondly, I would have never tried to "jump" somebody because they were following me. That's going many steps beyond the necessary actions at that point. Martin just decided to escalate this thing to physical altercation, again ANOTHER SIGN OF A THUG MENTALITY!

And clearly Martin payed with his life for pulling such stunt.

So, from all that I see, Zimmerman actually cares about his neighbourhood while Martin cares about kicking the "living begezzers" out of Zimmerman because Martin is a thug.

I live in an area where crime is NOT uncommon. And I will tell you that I keep a close eye on suspicious people walking around also. We have a duty to secure our living area and surroundings.

Again, once Zimmerman's nose was broke, and I'm sure when your nose is broke you are going to be all "screwed" up.... You are probably going to want to shoot whoever is on top of you bashing your head in to the concrete trying to kill YOU!

There is ABSOLUTELY nothing wrong with what Zimmerman did.

Zimmerman has a right to surveil his neighbourhood, Martin had a right to walk through the neighbourhood, but Martin DID NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO INITIATE VIOLENCE against Zimmerman. Plain and simple.

As soon as Martin crossed that line, he put his OWN life on the line! Had Martin NOT BEEN OF THE THUG mentality, he would have most certainly survived the night without a scratch. But, thugs definitely don't think that way. Thugs think in a manner of vengeance and violence. And if you can understand that, then you can understand
WHY it is that Martin is dead. And it's NOT BECAUSE MARTIN WAS BLACK!!

Love Liberty, be Vigilant

"Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17)

Faith in God will prevail all things!