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Corporations do not own a dam thing

If I may change it up a little and say. Rothschild's Appear to Hold Shares in Every Major Company Fortune 500 Corporation.

Now to state that corps are evil is about like saying guns are evil. The corp does nothing but what the owners and controllers allow.

R O T H S C H I L D, replace the word corp with the words ZIONIST ROTHSCHILD and I can 100% agree, by stating that corps are the evil you play into their hand.

The entire purpose of the corp (opposed to what the liar education teaches) Is to Hide the Rothschild wealth under layers of corporatons. After all when you have enslaved humanity with false debt through counterfeit operations in central banks all over earth, you dont want everyone to know who you are. You have stolen their wealth for generations.

Hide ownership and deflect responsiblility. Monsonto can poison and kill millions damage nature but we all know its Monsanto not the owners of monsanto. The owners we dont know. The real Dr. Frankenstein hids behind layers of corporations.

All said and done I do agree we need to outlaw corporate abilities to hide ownership and responsibility. A change must occure to stop the top human criminals from hiding under layers of corporations shuriking responsibility for their evil actions.

Contrary to what the sold out puppet NON Supremem Court says corps are not human and should not enjoy any human rights.