Comment: Thats a pretty chitty attitude..

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Thats a pretty chitty attitude..

although I will say, the DP has changed a bit. The Zimmerman trial and reaction here really surprised me. Seems nobody gave a shit a young kid died and the reaction was very cold. Regardless if the kid attacked Zimmerman, its a shame that he died. Nobody knows what exactly happened and the kid can't defend himself because he is dead. It was poor judgement on both sides that ended up in the kids death. I don't have a horse in the race and honestly could give a shit less. The reaction on DP was really shocking to me. Anyone who broke rank and dissented was attacked so I see where the poster is coming from. Certainly not a compassionate look to say the least.

I gotta agree with the poster on that issue. Take a sample from the right wing and the language on display here was lock in step with TheBlaze or any number of neo-con responses to the verdict.

You dont have to like what I write, but its the truth.

Personally, I can't wait for the mid-terms to heat up. Seems we all sit around festering for the next election. A lot of folks leave and the direction always seems aggresive and angry after an election.

This is my favorite site on the internet. Some people piss me off over AJ and conspiracy but overall its the best place to get quality debate and news.

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