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Maybe because college is not spelled that way! I had several years of post high school education (17yrs) in the sciences and feel that is where I benefited. It did not prepare me for the real world of petty politician and demagogues who would ruin a person over personal differences in the performance of that science.

It teaches nothing about real life, where everyone has an opinion and it is better than anyone else's, if you ask them! Liberal conservative, Libertarian, all have their bad sides. At times, Libertarians have differences between themselves. Just dare to bring up the problem with the rights in abortion! Who has the rights, the mother or the baby?!

So a college education is not the end all. It can end in bankruptcy, just as easy as anything else. But, acting like it does nothing to improve the person, is also demeaning. It is as bad as saying the color of my skin makes me a bad person!