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is that good, or bad? ;-)

Whatever it is, it's alive, dynamic, educational, and thought provoking.

There's a post floating around that asks who has influenced us in our political education. This site is the basis of mine, lol, for better or worse. I didn't have a clue about politics until I discovered Ron Paul, and from Ron Paul to the Daily Paul. From the DP I discovered a world of websites, ideas, information, and perspectives with the only thing in common being a belief in Ron Paul's message.

I don't personally think that the personality of this site is primarily anarchist, mostly because I'm not politically developed enough to be able to appreciate that set of ideals as I understand them, and I'm still here, learning.

So while we're talking to ourselves, I'm going to take this opportunity to thank all you uneducated bozo's for taking the time to write down your not-libertarian thoughts and share them with me here on this most lively site for Ron Paul supporters. I would be absolutely clueless without you, spending 90% of my time playing World of Warcraft. ;-)

Peace. :-)