Comment: Because they were not merely part of ceremonial law.

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Because they were not merely part of ceremonial law.

They are part of the covenant itself that was agreed to by Israel. The ordinances concerning His Covenant came later. They have physical and Spiritual significance. Passover and the blood of the lamb was the salvation of physical Israel and Passover and the blood of the lamb is the salvation of Spiritual Israel as well. The Feast of Unleavened is still the Feast of Unleavened but the leavening is sin. Just think if the apostles didn't keep the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost), they would not have received the Holy Spirit. Next comes Feast of Trumpets which has not been fulfilled Spiritually yet as well as Atonement and Tabernacles. These Feasts have meaning to Yahweh and His Chosen but not to those who do not know Him and reject His truth in favor of the traditions of men.

To say that these days have no meaning or are voided is a show of ignorance or outright rebellion. Yet these same people who seek to destroy these Scripturally sanctioned observances and Holy Days would instead adamantly preach idol worship in the keeping of christmas, easter and sunday worship.

You do right by quoting Scripture in context. Some people are more interested in following religion instead of Scripture. Your tag line says "REPENT!" Here is the question for the unrighteous. Are we called to repent from being lawful or are we called to repent from lawlessness? The answer is plain.

Yahshua bless you.