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Jed hates those Palestinians

Come on, Jed, fess hate Palestinians, Christian and Muslim. The only thing I hate is having Israel bribe corrupt, thieving dogs into giving them American taxpayers money. You certainly want that to continue.

So it's OK for you to start talking about Dr. Paul and Paulfest, as if Dr. Paul affirmed that the Jews are the "chosen people", but if I make a post disputing your BS about the remnant, love, and freedom with a link that displays facts about Israel and their cruel, murderous behavior, I'm off topic.

Here is the doctor talking about stopping aid to Israel. He says it over and over; he's clear on the issue.

Here are the judge and Michael Scheuer discussing Israel. Both of these men have positions with the Ron Paul Institute--there is a good reason for that.

There are dozens of these videos with Paul and Scheuer stating their position. They are clear--stop supporting Israel!

I really don't put these up for you , Jed. Discussing political policy with someone who espouses that the "Jews are the chosen people" is clearly no different than talking to a brick wall. I put these videos and links to website for people that haven't seen them, hoping they will learn the truth that is usually hidden by the American news media.