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I don't have any pull or sway with the Mods, or MN.

I would suggest she send MN an email. I believe not all bans are permanate. Though MN and the mods don't agree with me 99.9%, they seem reasonable, which not knowing about a ban, is reason to reverse it, and I see no reason they would not unban her.

The hard part would be the waiting. I think MN gets hundreds of emails a day, and is really busy. But I bet, when he reads the email from Cirroco, he would let her know the door was open and to return to DP, or why the door would not be open.

I hope the DP door is reopened to Cirroco (not because she's Jewish.. that is inmaterial to me, plenty of Jews HATE Israel and especially some goy that LOVES Israel.. Still, I would not agree to banning someone for making a post they didn't know was a banned topic, when they wrote and explained that to MN).