Comment: This is my opinion, based on my study over my lifetime.

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This is my opinion, based on my study over my lifetime.

Unless your studied in the scriptures your kidding yourself even making a comment here. However, lets assume the laws the Jews wrote were in fact handed down as well as the promise to the children of Abraham. If that is true, than we can assume Christ is true, even if you don't believe he was the messiah.

There are two points to note regarding the scriptures.

1. In regards to changing the law with the new testament(adding to it), Christ said himself he came not to change the law but to fulfill it. Those who recognized Christ as being the messiah were the commoners, the "higher ups" those in big cities did not recognize him as what he was. Like today with Ron Paul, Obama. All of Obama's wins are large cities, and it's mainly us peasants that recognized Ron Paul as a true American.

2. Again like today, while the higher ups did not recognize him, the Jewish leaders did, the "elites" of the day knew exactly who he was, and connived and conceived plans to make him look bad in front of the people they could control, the "higher ups", and don't kid yourself, when I refer to those who claim to be "enlightened" or "higher class" I'm speaking of the liberals AND conservatives today.

When Christ was brought to be tried under roman law, he was handed back to the Jewish priests because even the Romans knew he broke no laws. When the Romans kept calling him "The King of the Jews" they kept trying to get the Romans to say "make sure you say 'King' as a joke." They deliberately knew and wanted to make an example of him.

Assuming Christ was the messiah, which is what I believe, he said "Neither Jew nor Gentile, Bond nor Free, no one comes to the father except through me", and went on to say because the Jews rejected Him, those who follow him will be fulfilled with the promise of Abraham. Christians are now Gods chosen people, of all walks of life and races. The Jews no longer hold the favor in regards to Abraham's children.