Comment: You do have nerve; misplaced and uninformed though.

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You do have nerve; misplaced and uninformed though.

Addictive?...NO. It is the addictive personality of some, maybe.
Are you go1ng to outlaw TV, video games ,internet, chocolate, sex. Smoking pot is something to do. Period. It sure is not like cigarette addiction or booze.
I don't know anyone that are among the most prolific smokers that can't stop cold, like for a piss test, a few of which are successful managers, and business professionals ,and one attorney. I'm sorry your friends didn't live up to your aspirations.
The Cannabis plant is the most important plant in history and has been victimized by corporate greed sponsored law and propaganda since 1937. It's anti-inflammatory, cancer treatment, and many other benefits are just starting to break the stranglehold of the Medical industrial complex.
Ii is mostly , more importantly an issue of personal liberty, like the Daily Paul.