Comment: Sigh, not another one.

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Sigh, not another one.

Every Pot smoker is a dead beat : False
Most Pot smokers are deadbeats : False
Some Pot Smokers are Deadbeats : True (but they would have been dead beats anyhow)

Morally how can you say that someone who enjoys pot is immoral? Does that mean that anyone who uses wine is immoral? By you logic above, we must assume all alcohol drinkers are going to beat their sposes and go for drunk driving sprees.

There are two drugs id say should be legal to buy over the counter. Aspirin and Pot. Everything else should need prescription by a doctor.

Fun Fact: Prescription drug overdose are now bigger killers than cocain and heroin combined... did you know there was a heroin epidemic going on right now? Imagine how common those prescription overdoses must be.

Why cant this issue just be dropped. Pot is at the very least the most benign drug around, why is it ok to have peopl walking around like zombies on prescription drugs but a little pot causes all this fuss. No one dies from pot, no one goes looking for fights on pot, but everyone wants to condemn the people who enjoy its merits. It just makes no sense and neither does this OP.

Oh and by the way, who are you to judge what is moral and what is not? He without sin, cast the first stone.... judge not lest ye shall be judged... etc. People like you really make this world a worse place. You dont like pot, fine, dont smoke/ingest it take your judgmental attitude elsewhere. You certainly wont find much support here on the DP anyhow.