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A reply to another comment but addressed to ryno this time

There will always be force. Government is just accepted use of force. Native Americans had a system of authorized use of force in most cases, thus they had governments. Every man is his own master. We are all anarchists.

We all make decisions based on the risks we assume. It is still our autonomy that governs our actions. Most decisions are made based on self interest, to include possibility of threat of force. When we dont agree with actions taken toward us by a large group of people that dominate a geographic area, we suffer from oppression. that is the long and short of it.

We generally chose to allow ourselves to be oppressed because the alternative would be a worse outcome for our self interest. For example, we may choose not to use illicit drugs because we may be threatened with force. It maybe in our self interest to use illicit drugs, but more so not to go to jail. As soon as we no longer agree with the monopoly of force(nation state) we cease to be apart of it voluntarily.

Thus, if our personal choice would be to use illicit drugs, except for the threat of the state, we are no longer citizens of the state but slaves of it. When you look at it in those terms, than because every action of government is to use force or threaten force, every action of the government is the act of enslavement.

Now, the same conclusion must be drawn from the following case. If some one wants to aggress against his neighbor than no one man has the authority to determine his own best interest. He has autonomy over himself and thus he is free to make what ever choice he wants to. He is also free to live with(or die due to) the consequences. If he is prevented from using force, then he is in fact a slave to society.

I am not saying we shouldn't have government, and I am not saying that We dont have an obligation to honor a common law, the non-aggression principle. I am just simplifying the problem.

There is force and threat of force, and there is non aggression.

There is submission to force and threat of force, and there is non-compliance.

There is only the individual serving his self interest. whether it be to die or to thrive. This is dependent on his autonomy over his mind and the circumstances surrounding his decisions.

Only when we discuss natural rights in these terms can we have a meaningful discussion about the role of government