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I see this all the time. I

I see this all the time. I live in a city that gets road grants all the time. We still have potholes all over. I mean really bad streets.

Why is this? Because the politically connected get continual road work because they are the ones that pay the politicians.

So the same roads get resurfaced over and over, whether they need it or not, and they usually do not.

This is why small towns usually have better roads. In a large city there is a lot more disassociation between politicians and people, and thus a lot more incentive for politicians to favor connected, and all this corruption is easier to hide.

The solution, if you want to fix government is reverse the progressive era move toward more centralized government. Specifically they progressively worked to decrease the ratio of politicians to people. The fewer politicians, the easier to bribe. Most cities used to have similar ratios to small towns. That meant hundreds of burrough and neighborhood representatives in municipal government. Your rep lived in your neighborhood and you knew him and where he lived.

That personal relationship makes it hard to be corrupt. So the progressives 'fixed' it by reducing the ratio.

And it goes without saying, naturally hemp should be legalized.