Comment: Your math is wrong.

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Your math is wrong.

4.2% means 4.2 per hundred. ('cent' meaning 'hundred') Expressed absolutley it would be .042

What you show here is 4.2 per hundred-THOUSAND. That's .000042 or .0042%

The U.S. does not have a murder rate of 4.2% - that would be astronomical. I doubt that many people even die of any cause in the U.S. in one year. (12.6 million people - we don't have 12.6 million homicides in a year)

Note - some online statistics show about 2.5 million deaths of any cause in one year for 2011. That's about .0083 of the population, or .83%, of which less than one-half of one percrent were murdered. This means for every 200 people that die each year in the U.S., one of them is murdered.