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The Alliance

The liberty movement appears to be a combination of libertarian, populist, and conservative.

Draw a triangle with those three points: libertarian, conservative, populist. We're all dots at different places in the triangle... but we're all inside the triangle. Progressives, for example, are completely outside the triangle.

As a result, these three perspectives have all intermixed with each other to create a new thing which has elements of all three roots.

Some people lean more libertarian, others lean more populist, and others still lean more conservative.

We all mostly care about the same things and we mostly agree on how to take action on them.

Despite whatever flaws it may have, its the best and most stable combination in the past three decades. All previous attempts to join these factions together failed (ie Ross Perot, Pat Buchanan, Ralph Nader, etc).

Pick an 'area' of the liberty movement to concentrate on, and it will reveal which of the three points you lean most towards.