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Beyond Integrity

Stand your ground holding a torch. Once the fire has visited you in your mind, you can hold the fire on the torch... which symbolizes being a good example for others.

Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Each of us do what we can while alive. Some day as a mortal, I am going to die. We all will.

I may even be killed for my beliefs and that may be how I die. What does it matter?

A promise to be there for other people makes them feel better now but it is a lie. It is a promise that can not be kept because any of us can die at any time.

Nothing lasts 'forever', except maybe some ideas.

Myself and a vast ocean of other individuals are all torch bearers of liberty in this time.

There will always be torch bearers long after I'm gone just as they existed before I was born. In some ages, human liberty will encompass many whereas other ages will be dark and tyrannical for most.