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Comment: I run a few different web

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I run a few different web

I run a few different web browsers at once, so presumably it would be easy for me to get around cookie restrictions and vote more than once in these polls. I don't. I never have. I just vote for Dr. Paul ONCE. And if we're all just a few 'spammers,' how come we won that Fox News poll that required phone-texting instead of computers. Just how excellent are "our" alleged hackers supposed to be, anyway? Can phone text messages effectively be spoofed/duplicated at all? How??

I think what we're seeing is a case of massive media bias against Dr. Paul. At least one "conservative" media bias group -- "" -- is biased against him to the point that their masthead has not posted ONCE about the Paul campaign except in derisive, immature, and snarky "editor's picks," but I still mess with 'em, and I'm not the only Paul supporter over there, by any means. What I want to know is how Howard Dean's campaign avoided the "spammer" allegations? How does one disprove them, or prevent other campaigns from undertaking them (maybe Rudy has 'leet haxors?) and why are we the only ones accused. Anyway, my presence on that forum prevents serious BS from going unchallenged there, and thanks for this site, which I use extensively to refute stuff.