Comment: LOL, I hate Christians? I am Christian! I am Messianic!

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LOL, I hate Christians? I am Christian! I am Messianic!

And I don't hate Palestinians or Muslims. I disagree with the politics f the Palestinians, i.e. the fact they want t destroy Israel, and the Jewish people.

Islam I have no hatred for. I do have strong criticisms of that religion, mostly of how the leaders of that religion implement tyrannical theocratic laws on their own people.

On top that, Islam is only roughly 1500 years old. Well within the margins of recorded history. Islam is a man-made religion and that is a fact. Christianity, which has it's roots in Judaism, goes back over 5000+ years, beyond the margins of recorded history. In fact, much of "recorded human history", was recorded in the texts of that religion, Judaism, the Bible.

You claim I want to continue "bribing Israel". I have already stated multiple times and many times throughout my conversations on DP and elsewhere that I am AGAINST ALL FOREIGN AID! So go ahead and try to spin your agenda to fit libertarian principles. You only seem to care about one issue here, Israel.

Go ahead and read all my old posts. You can do that. You will find me to be a very strong proponent of all libertarian issues, and on the side of freedom. I have NEVER supported foreign aid to Israel, or any other country. I view it as control.

My post about the Remnant is NOT BS, at all. It is one of the main messages in the Bible. It is stated very clearly, again and again throughout the Bible, both New and Old Testaments.

As for Israel being a beacon for freedom in the ME, Israel's government wont even make major decisions without a National vote / referendum to make sure the People back it. That is more "of, by, and for the People" than even we are in America. I'd like to see one Muslim government ask it's peoples' permission before it decided t enact a new policy.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?