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Comment: There are external fluctuations in metals.

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There are external fluctuations in metals.

Associated with supply and demand, however, historically, silver has remained the most stable measure. Gold markets have been cornered and have a more fluctuating history due to panics, supply/shortage spikes, etc.

Clearly you did not do the conversion that I suggested you do. I have done for multiple time periods, using averaged out prices and is solid.

Stating the CPI as your reference immediately disqualifies you from credibility. The CPI excludes all high turnover items, which are the first/primary indications of inflation and effect the average person more than any other cost, such as food and fuel.

Further, your statement about "Oranges" is dramatically misleading. You are inferring that food is used in the Core CPI for inflationary calcs which is not true. The prices of oranges are irrelevant to the CPI as are other food items.

You act as if the CPI isn't effected by other measures (such as falling electronics prices due to improved efficiency in the market, etc).

You can do the math on the Silver/Dollar/Food yourself pretty easily.

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