Comment: Jews!? There is a special

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Jews!? There is a special

Jews!? There is a special place in hell for you just for asking that question "Tuskeegee:" aka agent of Lucifer!

There is only ONE choosen person, and that is the world's only Jewmormistian Witness. Me. The rest of you sad lot are all going to be screaming as your skin peels off in the fires of hell the moment the Flying Spagetti Monster gets ahold of you for leading wicked lives of purposeful denial of the one TRUE religeon. Mine.

Don't blame me. YOU choose to willfully be ignorant of the truth. The Flying Spagetti Monster told you all about the one true faith, but YOU wouldn't listen because in your heart, you want to be tortured until the end of time for your evil.

Its not too late however, just send me $20.oo and convert to the Jewmormistian Witness church and you can be saved.

Amen la la la la!