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In the distant fictional future, Christians and Jews decide to come together and they have a contest to see whose religion is true.

They all beforehand agree to all convert if the other religion is obviously chosen. They will all then be one.

The debate must be silent and only consist of a series of battling hand signals. The debate ends when one side voluntarily gives up.

The Christians choose their best minister and the Jews choose their best Rabbi. They flip a coin to see who goes first. The minister wins.

The minister starts out by gesturing with his hands.. placing both his palms upward and moving his hands outward from his body.

The rabbi takes his left hand with its palm turned up and then make a fist with his right hand and pounds his right fist into his open left hand.

The minister responds by removing bread from an ornate metal tin and holding it up in the air reverently.

The rabbi responds by removing an apple from his pocket.

At the sight of the Apple, the minister puts his head down and ends the contest by speaking... "You Jews win the contest. We'll all convert to Judaism. I have to go explain things to my flock".

At this, the minister goes down to his people and explains what happened:

He says that he used his hands to first inform the Rabbi that God is all around us. He says that the Rabbi responded by pounding his hand in his fist indicating that God is here with us now. Next, in desperation, he removed and held aloft the Body of Christ. The Rabbi responded by pulling out the apple from the garden of Eden. It was too much for the minister to take and he knew it was time to surrender the debate.

Meanwhile, the rabbi explains things to his flock. He says that the minister started out making a hand gesture indicating that all the Jews should leave. The rabbi became indignant and pounded his hand in his fist indicating the Jews are staying right here. Then, they had lunch and the minister ended the debate for no reason.