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Comment: Dear Dave

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Dear Dave

I hope your faith yet sustains you. However, not all are strong, not all can have faith. The rest of your family will find it hard to believe that a benevolent being would put them to such a stern test.

Is even a moment of pain and misery worth it? Is even a shred of separation worthwhile?

We may only be flesh, but as long as that flesh breathes, it can touch, it can feel, it can love and it can rejoice. Now the sweet rhythm of your breath has left your home and cannot return except in phantom memories.

May you find what you sought so keenly in life, that even when the path led through the gates of death you did not break your stride.


A lot of us did not know about the intrusion of govt. in our lives till it touched our lives in some way. Let this incident teach you this.

Science does not have all the answers.
Answers come from data.
As we wake and sleep and eat, gargantuan electronic minds are assimilating and analysing trillions of packets of information.
The answers will come. If not today, then tomorrow.

Some answers we do know well. We should pay more heed to those answers and to the 'priests' who can pray to their gods and attain them.

It is not possible to know, or understand everything. Those who have immersed themselves in medical studies will have better answers than anyone else. They have prayed at the altar a lot longer than you.

Trust your doctor. If you are sick, go to him. Do what he says unless you feel it is doing more harm than good. Seek alternative medicine and techniques only after you have taken a second opinion or a third.