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I don't know if you will find this interesting, but, I was raised in an Objectivist home.

My God Mother admitted to me, that she was surprized when my Mother asked to have me baptized. When my father returned from being, "out to sea", he was furious, and I suffered my entire life under him for it. Few people have I met that were so openly hostile to religion as he was, though there are many more openly hostile now days.

When I became a teen, in my rebellion, I checked out many religions, cults, stuck with them a few months, and one reason or another, moved onto the next.

At one point I met my best friend who a non practicing Reform Jew, I began going to Temple with his parents and I liked it, enjoyed the Kosher home, the holidays, but I wasn't going to convert.

When my Mother passed away, my father dis-owned the family (under the influence of "the other woman") and my God Mother suggested I get in the Church. I was told the Church has years A,B,C, and in those three years one could learn the Bible. Some say I became devote. I have been practicing Catholicism for over three years, last May being my three year mark. Oddly enough, for whatever the reasons the diocese has, my Church is now on it's third preist, each from a different order.

Last May, two things happened. I decided to explore why Ron Paul said, "Israel is our friend". Which brought me to come to LOVE Israel. It's very strange, because I wasn't seeking to fall in love. The more I looked, the more the "veils" dropped from my eyes, and it has been a fantastic journey.

What many people here say, is what I thought about Israel. Less than a year ago I would have been right in there with them saying exactly what they are saying, and this is why I do not shun them. It's like "meeting my maker", seeing where I was, and all the more amazing what has happened to me, my heart, my mind, my soul.

The other thing that happened is a Messianic Temple opened on Main Street flying the flags of Israel and America. I was attracted to it. As I would pass by, I would dwell on it. So one day I stopped by to satisfy the pull it had on me. I enjoyed the people and the rabbi. They turned me onto John Hagee. I stop by the temple frequently, and wound up writing my new preist a long confession, "I LOVE Israel and it's attracting me". That was weeks ago and I have not heard from the preist. Meanwhile my relationship with the Messianic Temple is developing. It's as if I belong there. And I have these dreams about Israel, which I don't know why except I am so awed by what is happening there.

I have been dumping friends, "if you don't like Israel, you don't like me.. peace be with you, enjoy your life, but I'm not stopping for anyone".

I read on this thread that you are a messianic Jew/Christian, and I always enjoy your posts, and I thought, "That is so funny, that lawnmanjed would bring this up in DP, as I am seriously thinking, and talking of converting.

Thank you for being here. I was alone, and now I do not feel alone, but that someone who knows more than me, understands better than me, is here to show me. God Bless you.