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here lately?

you have been obnoxious?
I bet you actually believe that too? shall we take a look at your posts here
for confirmation about how LATELY IT ACTUALLY WAS?

Now,by going by these posts,should anyone believe that your obnoxious behavior was recent?,or would/could someone get the idea that all you want to do is try to cause trouble?
could/should/would they believe you are honest,caring and part of something greater?
Or would these same people get the idea that all you want to do,or are trying to do,is be contrary? and on purpose?
think what you will,but from what i have read from others and yourself
your whole purpose in life is just to bother,nitpick,and talk down to anyone you meet
how is this for a first impression?
And you know full well,when we first chatted here,i tried to help you
I even went so far as to state why you weren't listened to,weren't heard
and most who came in contact with you here,had a bad feeling about you

Leave an indelible mark on all of those that you meet.
OH... have fun day :)