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Comment: Thank you for the post! I

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Thank you for the post! I

Thank you for the post! I didn't know about it until I read it from you. I have been going all over the Daily Paul posting information about it. Sadly, some other post on this topic is now on the front page, which makes it seem like only a few people care about this issue. The fact that there are several versions of the same post means that the voting for the "best post" gets diminished. In addition to having fewer votes, the post chosen for the front page does not have the bill number.

We need everyone to come together here, especially on this issue. I wish that they would consolidate the information from all the people who posted this, and put it on the first post, giving credit to all of the people who posted, adding up all the votes from all the different posts, and then placing a single post with all the votes and information at the very top of the front page.