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Comment: shall i post again why i gave you and the other dude them links?

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shall i post again why i gave you and the other dude them links?

i can,and just for you, i will
here it is
Submitted by deacon on Thu, 07/11/2013 - 18:25. Permalink

you 2 didn't really think i was going to post
any links from real sites,did you?
but i did specifically pick the 2 just for you both,as this is how i view
you both :)
i knew you would be haunting this topic,just waiting for my post,so i killed 2 birds with but one stone,and i saved time and energy
tis funny,after all this time here,and as many times as i told you,i wouldn't help you,you still think i am going to
Now tell me,does this sound like i read form them sites,or does it sound like
the 2 of you weren't worthy of anything meaningful,mind you,you added nothing
at all worth while,nor were your posts geared to learn anything
they were though,all about your ability to be able to snicker,gloat,
pat yourself on the back,and just be sarcastic,and condescending
i will add this before closing,this all came about AFTER i tried to help you,not before,so you just might say,you bring about your own demise,and turn about is fair game

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OH... have fun day :)