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Comment: well, what I meant by "self identify"

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well, what I meant by "self identify"

was along the lines of, what am I striving for? I am a part of the Liberty movement, but what direction is it going in? Which school of thought has the greatest influence and validity?

that's not to say that I don't have a mind of my own and that I'm just trying to latch on to what seems popular, it just means that I am trying to flesh out the details of what America can become after the great unraveling or whatever it is that we are all in the midst of.

Anarcho-capitalism, seems to me to be a lofty ideal, worthy of discussion and something to strive for but in the end may never be fully achievable because of one simple fact. The flaws of man, The dark side of humanity.

I think like so many other belief systems that begin as truly wholesome messages, they get corrupted over time. Need I point any farther than the major organized religions of the world for an example?

And so for me, like so many others here. I don't have a cookie cutter label to hang on my door, but I am looking and my only criteria for all things that I consider is to ask one question; does this advance the cause of individual liberty?

Because in my heart of hearts I want to be left alone. Time in general, and the days we have on this earth specifically, are a finite resource. I resent every moment that is frittered away on mind-boggling preparing income taxes.