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Comment: Way to spin it... Someone's been taught replacement theology

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Way to spin it... Someone's been taught replacement theology

It started out pretty good.
But in the end of your comment you start referring to "the Jews", as what you initially described as the "higher-ups".
You said the "commoners" were the ones who followed Yeshua.
Well, who do you think they were?
They were JEWS TOO!!!
There sure weren't any Christians or Muslims at the time.

The corrupt Sadducies, along with the most elite Pharricies, were the "Jews" who betrayed Yeshua. They, along with Romans, who were all about TAXES were the "Higher-Ups".
But, they sold out to the Roman Caesar's coin, and they were corrupting the Holy Temple, which is why Yeshua tossed the money tables.
They were no longer Jews! They turned their back on G-d!

"I came not to change one iota of the law, but to fulfill it."

"For the sake of the Remant, shall I bless Israel."

Yeshua did not come to replace the Jews, or the Law, but to bring all peoples into Israel. Christianity is an extension of Judaism. I do believe Jews need to discover their Messiah, to be included in the Remnant, as Christians should discover their Jewish roots. He is coming again. There is still time.

The Elites you broadly labeled as "Jews" in the end of your comment were the same Task-Masters as in Egypt. They were 'elite' because they fell under favor of the Evil (Roman) Empire. Jst like the task-masters under Pharoah. The same traitors who worshipped the golden calf when Moses came down from Sinai. The same whom G-d had the earth swallow up, when they demanded they be included in the Priest class. The same as Karl Marx a supposed "Jew" who wrote that the 'Jew' must be eliminated because he represents G-d, an authority higher than the State. These "Jews" are NOT the Remnant. They are not even Jews at all. They are traitors to G-d. Like Judas. But that does NOT mean OTHER JEWS ARE! The 'commoners' you called them. They are Jews. What about the rest of the disciples? What about the Remnant?! You're throwing the Baby out with the bath-water.

Why not celebrate Passover, as your Messiah did, and wants you to? He came not change one iota of the law, remember? Instead you worship Pagan Holidays, like Easter (Ishtar) and Christmas and it's rituals are Pagan based, Christ wasn't even born in December but September or October.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?