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Comment: "And for the record, if you

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"And for the record, if you

"And for the record, if you looked, I didn't even pull 10% from my metals approach. I pulled it from a site that included food/fuel and came to around a 12% inflation rate. I rounded down to by conservative."

Which link? I looked at all the links in your opening post and couldn't find it. Instead of saying you had posted it, why don't you post a link right here?

"You point to the CPI to say that my figure is wrong, and provide no alternative calculation to support that my figure is wrong."

I provided plenty. I showed you how the in many years there was no correlatoin between price, money supply, gold, and silver.

"The only way you can possibly come up with such a low number IS to use the CPI, which you have repeatedly referenced as your source for inflation numbers."

I have actually never stated a single inflation number. But the CPI generally notes mild inflation year after year. That, I believe, because that is what the facts tell me. Price level and CPI's inflation correlate very well because the CPI bases its inflation statistics on price level. Have you ever read a report from the BLS? It is incredibly well done and thorough. Even Shadow Stats's inflation calculations basically mirror the CPI's, with a raise on the y-axis....and shadow stats freely admits that they don't factor in hedonic know, because math is HARD.

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