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"I provided plenty. I showed

"I provided plenty. I showed you how the in many years there was no correlatoin between price, money supply, gold, and silver."

No, that is actually fuzzy/feelings based math you provided in the sense that you only provide one half of a number, overly generalized without following through to show inaccuracy.

Calculating inflation according to the OLD standard (prior to 1980), prior to removing "items that make the government look bad", clearly shows a 12% increase in 2011.

I added that link to the top because you were right, I had forgotten to post it originally. I had a lot of material that I went through to come up with math, and never got a chance to finish posting it all.

So, despite the fact that you call 10% insane, it's exactly the way it was calculated until 1980, and then changed again in 1990 in an effort to further minimize the appearance of inflation until we now have a "mild inflation" every year according to the numbers regardless of actual cost of living.

And that is the number I used and stand by it as the best compromise data available. My metals approach, I find interesting and has won more than a few converts as they go through the process themselves (including a mathematician friend of mine) but I did not use it for this article.

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