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Comment: contracts precede law... and

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contracts precede law... and

contracts precede law... and and markets precede the state.. yes.

and violence precedes both of them. pre law, pre state contracts simply operate on the basis of arbitrary, extra-legal, peer2peer violence, rather than codified, legal, predictable violence (courts).

i have never heard of actual written contracts existing without some enforcement apparatus or tribunal for settling disputes. perhaps verbal contracts. whats the point of a written contract if it cannot be submitted to an arbitrator with power over the two contracting parties?

well, they do exist. they're called treaties. a temporary peace established by agreement which either party can dissolve at any time. contract in absence of legal enforcement is just a treaty, broken at will without consequence whenever one party sees it can gain advantage.

there is no dystopic anarchyland, namely because there is no anarchyland at all. anarchy is that fleeting moment before order emerges.