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You keep hammering in on that

You keep hammering in on that point, that the state creates inevitable violence. That is a completely unsubstantiated point. Violence is inevitable, period, with or without the state. The state is a tool, it can be used to further the violence or to prevent it. Overwhelmingly it has been used for the former but it has most certainly been used for the latter as well (overwhelmingly, guns have been used as part of crime, whether government-sanctioned or not, but they're just a tool).

The government is exactly like the gun. It is also an inanimate object incapable of causing violence without the help of men. It is as controllable by the "owner" as much as any protective organization would be, whether you call it a government or a private security company. But you're right, just like you can't control the person holding the gun, you can't control the people in a government, because they are people. That's just a physical fact of existence, and a total irrelevant straw man in the case of whether or not we should have organized protection from violence.