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Comment: It doesnt matter how the

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It doesnt matter how the

It doesnt matter how the situation came about or who instigated it...the fact is that Zimmerman was getting beaten badly enough to feel his life was in danger. That is the situation, I am not saying that Zimmerman was right in escalating the situation....or that Martin was right in circling back to ambush Zimmerman....all I am saying is that there is REASONABLE DOUBT...thats it...that is all the law requires. The burden of proof is on the prosecution....they werent able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt. Zimmerman may well have been guilty. Martin had time to talk to his girlfriend on the phone but not the cops, Zimmerman may have been a crazy overzealous watchman...but none of that matters...all that matters is that there was reasonable doubt....and THAT is a victory for the rule of law and NOT for mob rule aka democracy.