Comment: Correlation does not prove

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Correlation does not prove

Correlation does not prove causation. Lack of correlation does not eliminate possibility. This event has its own unique set of circumstances. It is not any other building. Are you aware of another high rise building which was suspended above a large electrical substation using a novel truss system which then had two 110 story buildings collapse next to it and severely damage it?

There are many unanswered questions about what happened. I will grant you that one would not expect this building to collapse. One would not expect the media blackout about any attempt to ask questions. It is definitely interesting and important to look in to.

What I will not grant is that the building collapsed symmetrically. Did you watch the complete collapse sequence I posted? it is clear that it was highly asymmetric. There is massive progressive internal damage taking place in a very complex manner throughout the extended sequence. The interior of the building is being progressively destroyed. When the interior is gone there is really nowhere to go but down. So the fact that the exterior of the building comes down into the space where the internal structure was does not mean that the entire building instantaneously collapsed.

There are a lot of complex details involved. Ironically I watched basically every piece of content AE911 produced and never learned about the con edison substation or any of the unique structural characteristics of the building. I learned the most about the building from actually reading the NIST report in full.

If the truth movement wants to be taken seriously they are going to have to really dig into the NIST report and understand their position. Simply presenting videos out of context and saying case closed may make for sensational videos but it will do little to convince an impartial independent investigation.

What is clear to me after looking into it is that the fires were much larger than presented and the collapse took much longer and was much more complex than show in the short edited clips. Those who care about the truth should consider why this is presented in this manner.