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I thought a movie about the original intent of the Constitution and having Ron Paul in it would be pretty popular at a site like "The Daily Paul"

I guess I should have known that this type of information isn't wanted here.

Maybe if I tell a bit more about it -

The “original intent” is what the Founders meant when they wrote the Constitution, not some “living constitution” interpretation that caters to political whims of the day.

Unfortunately, influences, such as Cultural Marxism and Corporate Fascism, have influenced the Democratic and Republican parties so much, the Founders’ original intent has been seriously compromised. As a result, the republic guaranteed by the Constitution has wandered down a road towards insolvency, immorality and totalitarianism, as F.A. Hayek might say. ORIGINAL INTENT explores how this has happened and offers solutions that Americans, no matter what party affiliation, can apply to restore a nation of values, general welfare, and leadership by example.