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Comment: Thank You Nonna!!!

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Thank You Nonna!!!

As you know, I am a huge Miko fan. Over a year ago, I posted a UTUBE video of him called "The General's Son." I noticed today that different versions of that UTUBE have over 100,000 and 200,000 views. People are waking up.

I believe Ron Paul would very much approve of Miko's life work. They both believe in reaching people's hearts and educating their minds. It is the only way we will evolve a higher humanity on this planet. Ron Paul is often misunderstood and taken out of context with regard to the Middle
East. Of course he is against foreign aid and intervention. However, he said, "Palestine is basically a concentration camp." I would like to believe that the great hearts of both these men hope, though the process is slow, that humanity will wake up even if it is one person at a time and live by The Golden Rule...not laugh at it.

Nobody should live in a concentration camp environment. Another great man said, "If you harm one hair on the heads of these little ones...." And yet, so much of the world seems not to care.

Again, Nonna. : ) ...I am proud to know you as my friend.