Comment: Yeah, you're right. You have no right to life, liberty, etc.

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Yeah, you're right. You have no right to life, liberty, etc.

And Hitler was sooooo Pro-Israel, right? What a Zionist he was.

You're so full of it it's pathetic.

How hypocrites like you get away with calling yourself a libertarian is pathetic.

When you don't believe someone else has the right to existence, because you don't like them as a collective group, you are a tyrant, and a collectivist.

How many Islamic theocracies and dictatorships are there? A lot.

How much does it suck to live in most of these places? A lot.

Has Israel vowed to wipe them off the map? Do they go around burning Islamic Nations' & American flags? No?

There is only one Israel, one Jewish state, and it is tiny. But you just gotta hate, don't you. They don't have right to exist? Then why should you? Why does anyone?

It's a joke that so many who claim to be in the Liberty movement support radical Islam. It's one of the major reasons we are not taken as seriously as we should. I know there's corruption like crazy in the media. But I mean just among popular opinion. Anyone can tell, Israel does not run the World, or the US gov't, they are just trying to survive.

I mean the CIA is Al-Qaeda! They orchestrated the Arab Spring to bring the Muslim Brotherhood into power, because Obama's a Muslim and he works for the NWO and they want to destroy Israel!
You'd think more people in the Liberty movement would see through it.

Are you a POT or a PET - Person Embracing Tyranny?