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Rob you are saying

Rob you are saying governments kill people, as if to contrast it to people without governments.

No such people exist.

The human propensity for violence creates governments to begin with, and those governments go about doing horrible things.

Presenting the false alternative of people who lack government or have no propensity toward violence does not advance the goal of reducing harm.

The amount of warfare and death per capita in the conditions of primitive, tribal warfare was even higher than the death tolls at the height of 20th century wars, with all its mass murdering technology.

The basic, natural human unit, before the state, before political theory, was the kind of savage tribe that exterminated other tribes regularly and ritually. The tribes that exterminated the Neanderthals and all the other members of the genus Homo.

Tribal warfare takes a much higher population toll, and the captives aren't POWs, they aren't even slaves. They're tortured, slaughtered or eaten ritually.

You may have a solution or you may not, but you cannot point to the state as the origin of violence or even as worsening the conditions of violence, and cannot point to a stateless primitive society with a lower death toll from violence.

You may be able to point to isolated, specialized tribal communities (eskimos, say) that lived outside conditions that resulted in regular violence. There are also isolated, spiritual communities that use fine tuned social mechanisms like shaming and ostracism (the Amish) to regulate a community without recourse to force. But these are exceptional conditions, not average or representative conditions.