Comment: A country boy can survive.

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A country boy can survive.

A country boy can survive. Welcome to the sticks or lack thereof maybe where you're at. I have been living the country boy's dream since about 1982 til 1999, then from 2003 til now. We're currently on 5 acres surrounded by another 100+acres of private woodlands. We have walking access to all of it, wood cutting and riding access to 20+. But the big prize should be landing next week when we are supposed to close on a 38 acre parcel and then start a timber frame. Unfortunately I work for the man, but I own a portable sawmill, sell firewood, garden, and my wife is a childcare provider. Country folks get it done. I just come in from a nice bonfire, Tigers game loud on the radio, some cold brews, kids jumping and screaming on the trampolene (sp?). And guess who said anything..... that's right no one.

Best of luck in your endeavors and welcome to the club;)